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My vision is a world where everyone gets an education that nurtures their creative genius, helps them discover their vision, then gives them the tools to get there.
Unless we realise this vision – there’s a risk we will solve the world’s biggest problems at a slower rate than we create new ones. That puts us all at risk.
So if you are a visionary or technology entrepreneur seeking global impact, or you’d like to be that in the near future, this is your place.
Bookmark it and return here often. The resources here will definitely help. 
My super-power is seeing the gap between your vision and where you are, then walking the straight and narrow path with you until your vision is realised.
I’ve coached leaders do this for some time now. For example, today 50+ CEOs and 500+ scientists create game-changing technologies that help lift our economy, environment and wellbeing in parallel as a direct result of our work together.   

Where To From Here?


Positive Influence is the Breakthrough technique to realise your Vision

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Peter Dredge.

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