The Happiness Program

Art of Living

Aren’t most things you do in life because you want to be more happy?
So let me ask you, how much time have you spend unpacking what actually makes people happy?
Why is it that people fail to implement what they know?
Isn’t it a lack of energy?
You know what you should do, but you lack the energy to do it.
What if there was a way to naturally unlock hidden reserves of energy inside you so that you knew what to do, and had the energy to do it most of the time. What if this same technique could improve your focus ,calmness-of-mind, decision-making and communication-skills?
Wouldn’t that make you a better leader? A better parent? A better person?
This technique involves learning to properly use your own breath: one of the four sources of energy, and the one that we’ve most neglected until now.
What you go away with: a very powerful daily-practice in the form of a breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya (SKY) which is uniquely able to create permanent changes in the way your brain operates within 8 weeks.
I have been teaching this program since 2007, and almost all my clients have now done the course.

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