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“Skew the odds massively in your favour”

If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to close an oversubscribed cap-raise with value-aligned investors, empowering terms & valuation, in weeks not months


You want to pitch to win 8-figure+ global business that doubles your turnover without adding new steps to your sales process… 

you’ve come to the right place. 

Examples of recent successes: 

After pitch coaching, CEO of Metrino PRT  Ollie Mikosza won a tender to deliver a $200M infrastructure pilot in India

CEO of Aquafortus Darryl Briggs won a $42M deal with and Oil & Gas company in Texas

9 out of the last 9 CEOs I pitch-coached to raise investment got it. 3 out of the last 3 founders had their cap-raise oversubscribed. This meant they got the terms and valuation they wanted and were able to choice which investors they wanted in at what level of participation. 

None of these results were by chance. They were by design.  

The business case for getting pitch-coaching from me is a year-9 maths equation. Take the amount you expect your sale/cap-raise to be worth.  Multiply that by [the % my clients close at MINUS the industry average – using the table below]. Then subtract my fee (a very small fraction of that). The resulting number represents the expected value of us doing pitch coaching together. 

Actually that’s an understatement. That only captures the quantifiable transactional value. There is also the lifetime value that comes from picking up the re-useable skill to win significantly more pitches at bigger dollar values from this point forward. 

This number also doesn’t take into account the value of being able to set your terms authoritatively, or the fact that 88% of my clients close their rounds/ sales cycles in less than half the time it takes their un-coached peers. 

To this day the most common feedback I get from clients is “Since our work together, I haven’t lost a pitch since”. 

Why it is so effective

To the best of my knowledge, the results of the pitch-coaching for tech-entrepreneurs I do measurably ahead of the pack globally.  

That became true because I was the first to codify all four different elements of how tech entrepeneurs win pitches. 

They are

  • Message 
  • Stagecraft
  • Mindset
  • Business tactics 

I was able to see how these four components interplayed because by an act of luck, I’d had four different careers that uniquely qualified me to make it possible to precisely codify the art and science of pitching.

I trained as a linguist – where I learnt about message. I was an actor for TV and stage where I learnt about delivery. I was and am a mindset coach to elite leaders and visionaries, and as a CEO or senior leader in three tech-companies that went global and had high-value exits I learnt about international tech-business tactics. 

I published the book on pitching in 2017 called “One Pitch”. This book will be the first thing I’ll give you when we start work together. 

My closest competitors at pitching in New Zealand are now other kiwis I’ve trained in my pitch-coaching method. But they aren’t really competitors – they’re more like fellow knights of the round table, friends and co-conspirators to raise a nation’s ability to express itself. I even refer jobs to them when my wait list gets too long.

Now let’s do a comparison
Category % Who get
Industry average
People who’ve done 1-day workshop, or 1-month coaching
People who do 3-months of pitch coaching with me
Tech-CEOs on the 1-year Exponential Founders mastermind
*figures based on last 6 years of client data.
What can you expect working together?

I take on roughly one in three people who approach me for pitch coaching. The decision is subjective: do I feel inspired – and do I feel there is good chemistry and value-alignment between us. 

Sessions are a lot of fun. I ask that you leave your ego at the door, but not your authentic voice. I suggest you record sessions because I have a habit of listening to 5 minutes of your pitch then representing it back to you as 30 seconds of refined gold. 

Then it’s your job to bring your voice to it. It’s a collaborative and co-creative process where we use the excuse of you winning new business to uplevel your communication from informational to inspirational on every level. 

Many people report that as well as winning every pitch they give, the training also makes them better leaders, and better spouses – because for the first time they understand the science of how to inspire people wherever they go. 

Finally, the techniques I use involve zero spin or exaggeration. Not only are those techniques unethical, they are also less effective than what I do. The one catch is that there must be inherent uniquely relevant merit in what you do. 

I can help you turn gold ore into gold at speed provided that “thars gold in ‘em hills” to start with. Fortunately with kiwi tech entrepreneurs, I’ve found that there almost always is. 


"I could not believe the change that was possible in one day. We got our first investment as a direct result"
Vlatko Materic,
CEO Hot Lime Labs
"Through the work Daniel and I did. We not only raised investment, we received the highest investor response-rate of any company in the 3-year history of the pitching event we attended."
David Moodie
CEO, Foundry Lab
Daniel has helped us transform the research community at all levels, with over 500 researchers to commercialise an idea ... one should communicate at the highest level.
This is where Daniel excels, we are unfailingly impressed by his [pitching workshops]... Many who have attended have expressed surprise at the improvements in their communication within a day, with many gaining investment as a direct result." James Hutchinson CEO, Kiwinet
James Hutchison
CEO Kiwinet
"Daniel is New Zealand's top pitching coach ."
Andrew Hamilton
Former CEO of the Icehouse

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