Exponential Founders 90 day program

Where tech-founders learn what matters in just 90 days

Who it’s for: Early stage leaders of tech-companies, or commercialising scientists
What it is: The world’s first, and only, program that gives tech-entrepreneurs the habits, skillset and mindset to grow their tech-company sustainably in 90-days.
What you get:
Immediately, most of the tech-founders and entrepreneurial scientists on this program found they were not focusing on the stuff that matters most to their success and happiness. You go away with infinitely more competence, competence, and self-reliance – in the areas that matter most to running a hi-growth tech company sustainably.
And we never mention market validation, or a single “business term”.
We’ve even been commissioned multiple times by multiple govt agencies (Kiwi net and Mac Diarmid Institute) to run this program for commercialising scientists.
Next step:


The XF90 program taught me how to grow from a technical background into a CEO. In 9 months it has already been worth $1.65M to us.
Without this [program] I would not have had the confidence or ability to have successfully engaged with our early adopter customers. I estimate [this] added at least $500,000 to our pre-seed money valuation. Worse, without the program we likely would have taken a bad tech incubator deal... This would have already cost us $1.15 million in lost equity.
Of the many seminars, incubation and training programs I have been a part of, XF90 was the only one with an effective focus on personal development. This is a critical factor for the challenging role of a tech founder.
Jonathan Ring,
CEO Zincovery
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