Have you ever found yourself sighing “They just don’t get it”?

Have you ever found the people you most want to influence seem turned off by your message?

Do you sometimes feel powerless to create the changes you want in your organisation/relationships/the world?

Have you found yourself at times blaming others for not ‘getting’ what seems so obvious to you?

I believe the solution to “they don’t get it” – is you becoming the person that gets got.

It is possible, easy and life-transforming to gain this skill.

This is the skill I’ve spent the last 15 years helping people gain.

First, why does this “they don’t get me” reaction?

It happens because like most people, you’ve hoped that compelling evidence and the right information would cause people to rally behind your cause.

 Has it happened?

Has anyone ever changed behaviours through information and evidence?

Is this even the way you make decisions?

Of course not.

So how do people make an important decision?

It turns out that to make an important decision, 4 ingredients must be present:

  • Skilfully communicated vision
  • Passion
  • The right story
  • Bold delivery

Are they skills you feel you can wield skilfully?

If not – your vision is likely to be stillborn.

And our world is vulnerable.

To rise to the challenge of our times, the world needs you to do one thing:

Positively influence others so your message becomes their actions.

This is the sacred mission of every human with a cause who lives in our times.

That’s why I designed this program.

So you can become this person too.

46 years ago, I was part of a community who changed their world. This community stopped a rubbish tip that would have destroyed our local ecosystem.

This is me back then.

Today, I have not lost the same cheeky grin. Nor the same belief in the potential of people to influence events.

Because, what they did stayed with me for life.

It changed my life too.

And through me, it changed the life of others.

I’ve since helped hundreds of people how to get heard so that they positively influence the psychology of decision-making.

These people have been able to do extraordinary things with this power.

One of them influenced the transport minister of India to green their policies

Another became the 1st Maori/Polynesian woman to own an International sporting franchise.

Another influenced a large Texas Oil & Gas company to clean up its act.

Another influenced investors and partners to build a company with a vision to remove > 50% of carbon emissions from the greenhouse industry globally.

All these people had an incredible vision.

But there were a couple of things standing between them and that vision becoming real.

All I did was remove those obstacles for them. Then they achieved their success.

I have found that most people’s visions are just a couple of obstacles away from changing the world.

Those obstacles lie not within the vision itself, they lie within the way you have been trying to bring others to your vision

What if your vision was also just a couple of obstacles away from changing the world, and this was the program to clear those remaining obstacles?

Who will you be able to influence using this program?

For your vision coming to be, you must influence people daily.

These people could be your current or future

  • Funders
  • Opponents
  • Politicians
  • Business partners
  • Team
  • Clients
  • Yourself

The positive influence program shows you how to do so in a way that honors them while at the same time being true to your values.

The positive influence program shows you how to do so in a way that honors them while at the same time being true to your values.
What you get

By going through this Positive Influence course, you will pick up the tools to make your message = others actions. This will result in your vision coming to be.

You will achieve this by learning how to do four things incredibly well:

  • Declare your vision
  • Harness your passion
  • Tell your story, and
  • Take the bold moves that make it so

These are the four ingredients you’ve been missing until now.

But there’s another essential step.

You must also know how to do these four things. That’s what the Positive Influence program will show you, One session at a time. .

With the inspirational energy you gain from this program, you will be unstoppable!

That is the version of you that I am committed to unleashing.

And you should tolerate no other version of you.

Unlike other online programs, you won’t just “learn some stuff”. You’ll see how to apply it, and be inspired to apply it. Immediately. 

What you don’t get

  • Lots of “bonuses” that create the illusion of value, rather than actual value
  • Some time-bound discount to encourage you to sign up through FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Super-slick production quality. If you care deeply about amazing editing, beautiful lighting, scenic vista, and re-mastered sound – this is the wrong program for you. You get me in front of a camera, in my backyard. But I’ll be whispering to you life-transforming truths that change everything.
  • Some “money-back guarantee” about results.  I know they’ve been proven to get more people to sign up. But I don’t care if you buying the program. I care about you implementing the program to change the world. A “guarantee” suggests falsely that the magic is in the program. It’s not. And it’s dangerous to your commitment level to believe it is.

The transformational magic is in the sacred union between this program I’ve poured my soul into, and your commitment to do the work .through the practical assignments I have created for you.

How it works

You’ll get access to the 10-week online program + a special group to support you

  • 10x weekly videos with practical actions at the end of each
  • Specialist training videos for the changemaker
  • A special online support group of your peers to give you support and inspiration and keep you accountable
  • Some other things I’m keeping secret for now


 In this world, we achieve nothing alone.

There are people you depend on for your vision to succeed. If you can positively influence those people to say “yes” to your ideas – your vision will come to be.

If you can’t, it won’t.

Now is the time to step boldly into the version of you who consistently inspires people to say “yes”, and sees your vision fully realized within your lifetime.

About the Creator

For close to 2 decades, Daniel has been helping changemakers to influence. He’s helped an entrepreneur win a $200M bid to successfully green India’s transport policy, an innovative company to start removing fossil fuels from the Greenhouse industry, another leader to win a $40M contract to clean up an American Oil company’s waste.
He’s worked with Greenpeace, The Natural Step, Ecoquest, Whanau Ora, Kanalua Hawaii, and the MacDiarmid Institute to win projects that have had far-reaching consequences for whole communities and ecosystems. For the first time, the positive influence he’s coached these leaders to have on the world are now available to you.
PS: As a social business, we give 50% of the profits from change-agents like you who buy this program to a charitable trust dedicated to revolutionizing our schooling system.

As a social business, we give 50% of the profits from the changemakers on this program to a charitable trust dedicated to revolutionsing the school system

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