Exponential Founders

Exponentially grow your tech company

Who is it for:​ The crazy ones who think they can change the world. And have chosen a tech-company as a vehicle to do it
What is it:​ elite-coaching for tech founders, in a group of peers who are operating at the highest standard – as tech-company leaders and as people
I created this group because I saw, having been in 3 tech companies thatwent global and achieved exits that tech-ecosystem followed a flawed
Operating system: folk-law + (testosterone x cortisol) + (80% focus on 20% of what matters).
There were plenty of people who helped with strategy. But where were the people who helped with coaching into becoming the leader who could execute the strategy? That’s 80% of what matters when you’re running a tech-company. Yet this gap was glaringly absent.
I talked to over 70 people in the tech eco-system. Everyone agreed it was a gap. But no-one wanted to fill it, or felt they had the skills to fill it. So I decided to fill that gap with the Exponential Founders Mastermind Group.

How it works​

Most weeks of the year a group of 6 CEOs of tech companies and I get together on a virtual call. We have quickly become family to each other. Not only are they building 6 of the highest-growth tech companies in the country, getting oversubscribed for investments and then actually delivering to the promises they made to investors – something much more important is happening:
They are doing it without long hours. They are doing it without adversarial boardrooms. They are doing it while becoming better spouses and parents –spending more time with family and on their self-development – not less.
To the status quo – Exponential Founders are an annoying exception that proves the old models used to grow tech-companies are not only reducing founders to one-dimensional entrepreneurs unnecessarily, they are commercially irresponsible.
We also have 2-3 leadership retreats per year where real experiential learning happens. Many of the massive commercial and life-wins our founders have, come directly from these retreats. Each founder also has access to me one-on-one whenever it matters most.
What founders learn: the 4 pillars of tech-entrepreneurship that constitute 80% of your success, and which you cannot adequately learn about elsewhere, from a mentor, or “on the job” – pitching, sales, leadership, and self-leadership.
What we don’t learn about: the 20% you already know about, or can learn from an incubator/accelerator/lean-canvas type book (market validation ,path-to-market, financial metrics)
Next Step?: If you’re a little bit crazy (like the people in the video below), and want to change the world without cutting out surfing, time with kids or meals with family – that’s a good start. And it would be worth applying.
*1 in 3 applicants make it through onto the group. So write down what you truly believe. That’ll be way more compelling.


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