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Positive Influence is the breakthrough technique to realise your vision
You’ve come here because you want to improve your environment – whether it’s your work environment, socio-economic environment or the environment. Let’s break down each week.

“If you haven’t already, Start the program by clicking this link  and bookmark this page so you can easily come back to it.”

Week 1 Ask.

In this world, we often assume that big change requires complex action. Seldom is this true? The simplest actions most often yield the biggest result. It's all about "leverage". With a big enough lever, you can move a tank with your little finger.
This week, we unpack how to use a lever so powerful and so underused that its power is
often underestimated. Be prepared to notice big shifts the minute you make the one mindset shift, and take the one aligned action in this video.

Week 2: Impact and the 5 Flavours of Bold

There’s a book called “Bold”. The concepts in it must be embodied by every tech-entrepreneur. But like most books, it’s long and doesn’t show you how to implement what’s in there. There are 5 “flavours of bold” that separate out great from average entrepreneurs. By the end of this week, you’ll be thinking, talking and acting in a permanently bolder way.
We’ll also go deep into analysing some specific pitches (that won), why they won, and how you can readily replicate what they did with your own message.

Week 3: Surprising Applications of Influence

Unveils how to use pitching on yourself to change any habit you’ve been struggling to change or adopt that would support the growth of you, your team and your company. You’ll also know how to have any challenging conversation with anyone, and have experienced the relief and growth that comes on the other side of having finally had those conversations. potentially lethal – machine from a truck-driver?

Week 4: Delivery Magic

Shows which three simple shifts in you delivery are the most important ones, the ones that double the impact on the people you’re speaking to – be they investors, customers, your board, team or partners. You’ll discover how to make these shifts for yourself naturally.

Week 5: Intention and Non Attachment

You will pick up the tools to make the two mindset adjustments that over the last 6 years have consistently caused the tech-founders I coach to win their biggest pitches. Remarkably, these two mindset patterns are more important than what you actually say!

Week 6 Story and Metaphor

You already know you should speak in story. But how? What type of story works in a pitch? What details must you out in, and what do you leave out? How do you transition out of your story. And what must you do immediately after your story? And how to you weave it in so it’s inclusion makes your pitch shorter, not longer, overall? By the end of this week, you won’t just know how to do it, you’ll be doing it!

Week 7: The 1-Percenters

There are five micro-adjustments – commonly a single line of speech – that are often the difference between hearing “Come back and see us later when…” (no) and “let’s meet and discuss in more detail” (buying sign). You’ll know how to use each of these by the end of this week.

Week 8: Creating the Stage

Once you have a great product, your success is largely down to having the right conversations with the right people. By the end of this week you’ll know exactly who are the right people, how to find them and what to say. In fact, you’ll have actually done it!

Week 9: Preparation

Most people squander their preparation time doing things that are actually disastrous to getting the outcomes they want. After this week you’ll never make those mistakes again.

You’ll be preparing to pitch in ways while are more efficient, – given you don’t have infinite time. They are also more fun and way more likely to create the results you seek.

Week 10: Visionary Communication- By Example

Is a surprise. It allows you to lock in all the gains you’ve made on this program such that your new habits, skills and mindset are now all a permanent part of your new identity that aid you in every conversation you have from this point forward in your life.

Firstly, congratulations on investing in yourself. The deepest sign of your commitment to serve people is becoming the person who can do so.
“If you haven’t already, Start the program by clicking this link  and bookmark this page so you can easily come back to it.”

My commitment to you is to give you back more than you possibly could have expected in return.
In partnership, I foresee that our combined commitment will result in you stepping fully into becoming the person who realises the vision in your heart.

How to get the most form this program
1. Here’s a question for you.
Imagine you had 10 weeks to save the world. Would that increase your sense of commitment to this program?
This program is not to learn skills you might use “one day”. This program is for people who want to pick up a new skill one day, use it the next day, then report back how that new skill has already forwarded their vision and request the next dose.

Perhaps you’ve been told “Influence is one of the skills of a leader”. In fact, influence is more important than leadership. A person who has influence is able to

a. influence others to change mindset and behaviours (coach)
b. influence others to work towards a common vision (lead) and
c. influence others to buy products and services that will have a transformational value to them (sell)

So rather than trying to learn how to lead people, sell your vision and coach others in your team, you can learn just one skill: positive influence. This skill is the Lord of the Rings! It rules the other rings.

There are 2 more powerful things you can do right now that will maximise the value you receive from this program.

2. This is a technique that some of the world’s top athletes use to attain exceptional results. You can replicate it now.
Get somewhere comfortable and close your eyes. Imagine yourself in 10 weeks time.
See this version of you in vivid detail. How are you talking to people? How are people responding? What new types of clients, investors, customers, partners are you now working with as a result of the next-level power of positive influence that is now yours for life.

Now take out your phone and type in a regular recurring time you’re committed to watching each video
each week. 

Commit to watching each video from start to finish without ANY interruptions.
Turn your phone off, and treat each of the 10 episodes like a movie. Then pledge to yourself: “I am committed to fully implementing this program so that the world and its people can fully receive my contributions.”

3. Create a regular daily practice. If you are not already meditating daily – I recommend you do this for the next 70 days. Why? Same reason that most of the world’s top leaders do it: because this will increase your levels of self-
awareness and intuition, both of which will have a multiplier effect on both your influencing skills, and the rate you grow at.

The Sattva app is my personal favourite, but use whatever resonates with you.
It’s available on both Android and iPhone. This is the app logo

Finally, each week, make sure you apply what’s in each video.
Each video is around 30 minutes. For each 30-min video, aim to spend 90 minutes implementing the assignment at the end of each video. The implementation phase is the most important part. Commit now not to watch the next video until you’ve implemented the last one.

Below each lesson you’ll find a list of resources for you that will support each week’s video.
To your greatness!


PS: this is not a free resource. If you’ve somehow procured it without paying and without permission you are out of integrity at the moment. To bring yourself into integrity so you can receive the benefits of this program please purchase the program online at now. Thank you.

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