Leadership Excellence in 70 days

Leadership that creates more leaders

How it works

What we’ve found works best is 10-week coaching programs with

However, if someone else were to copy this format they wouldn’t get the level of results we do, because it is not what we do but how we do it that has caused the real transformational difference in each group of leaders we’ve worked with. Plenty of happy leaders have gone through the program. Check out the feedback at the bottom of this page.


We charge $NZD7000 per seat for the program. Maximum number of 8 per program. (And once there are 6 people on a program we offer a free seat).

Based on other leadership programs, both the speed of result and the price compare very favourably. In my days as a corporate trainer, an organisation would have paid mid-6 figures over one year to experience this level of result. We call it LX70: Short for “Leadership Excellence in 70 days”

Can we tailor it?

Yes we can and we have. We’ve already successfully tailored the program in

  • Theme:  leadership, sales, innovation.
  • Group: we run for in-house executive leadership teams, heads from different divisions
    within a company, or CEOs of different organisations
  • Format: stand-alone program, or follow-up after a workshop, retreat or event

The research tells us that without coaching followup, most results are not sustained. So coaching followup is a huge part of this. 

As one leader put it. 

“Unlike any training programme I’ve been on. It … starts with the essence of the potential we all have, rather than adding layers on top as a fix to shortcomings. The type of shift created on this journey stays with you afterwards, rather than being lost with best of intentions & shortness on time, making it amortised over a lifetime, to be huge value”

Why I’m passionate about this

After being a senior leader or CEO in 3 companies that went global, I then worked as an associate for 3 global providers of corporate training and development. As an entrepreneur, I saw room for improvement. So started running my own leadership development. The results were 10x as impactful in ¼ of the time (in the words of my clients). I then got asked to consult to two large training providers on how to improve their offering. They made some great changes. But overall, it was 20% of what I felt their clients deserved. If I really wanted to scale how I serve leaders, I needed to train value-aligned coaches to run my leadership development programs them. So that’s what I’ve done. These are so much fun, I still even run a few myself. If you enjoy long, expensive, competitive program development – you are spoilt for choice.
But if you’d prefer short, simple, easy, transformational leadership development that ripples out to benefit those not even involved in the training, let’s chat.

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