Influence others to take action: influence yourself to be unstoppable

If you have a calling to be a coach: this is your time.

You are needed like no other time in history.

Here’s why:

Today, we respect not the leaders who create followers but the leader who creates leaders.

The name of the skill you use to do that is coaching.

As a coach, you have the potential to create many leaders, who themselves create many leaders. By doing this you create an incredible ripple of impact.

This Ripple of Impact (ROI) goes through space and time.

And if you know the secret of positive influence, this ROI takes very little of your time to create.

This is not theory, this is something I’ve been helping clients do for some time. I am inspired beyond words with the ripples they’ve created.

In very little time, you too can impact entire

But there’s a problem.

The problem

You are not yet living this potential.

Isn’t this the only problem that stands in the way?

My guess is you want to

  • Feel 100% integrity with yourself when you encourage your clients to think abundantly, feel intuitively and act expansively?
  • Encourage your clients to live without limits with the conviction of one who also lives that way
  • Inspire them to continually take immediate action?
But can you say you consistently live by these same standards yourself?
There is a gap right?
And as a result, your impact, income and integrity is not where you desire.
I’ve been there.
I’ve lived knowing the abundance and decisiveness I wanted for my clients ≠ my own abundance and decisiveness.
It’s a painful gap.
As you’ll see in my video, I was a hobby-coach. I did some time coaching. But some time stressing I didn’t have the volume of clients that I needed to live beyond month-to-month.
That stress was bad for my health.
It was bad for my integrity.
And therefore bad for my self of self-worth.
Unsurprisingly, my financial ship started to sink. I had to take a corporate job to steady the ship. My coaching dream seemed over.
But then, after 14 long months in that job, a miracle happened.
I met an incredible coach who showed me why I failed the first time round.
I then met two more incredible coaches. Together, they showed me how to (cue drum roll) …
… change the world through the results of my clients.
I want you to experience that too.
The solution
What these three coaches showed me is how to get from hobby-coach to great-coach.
They are, in order
1. Inspire people to take decisive action to become your clients.
2. Inspire your clients to consistently implement actions so you can celebrate their massive breakthroughs every call.
3. Inspire your clients to refer you a stream of amazing clients – so coaching becomes your joy not your job.
Here’s what happened when I gained these skills
My clients won big because they instantly made my suggestions = their actions
Now here’s the truly great news.
These are not 3 different skills!
It’s one skill.
That one skill that will take you there is …
Your ability to positively influence others to take action.
That’s it.
The problem is: what I learnt is not widely available.
That’s why I created this program.
That way I figured, you wouldn’t have to leave it whether you got lucky and met the right three coaches over many years to have this level of impact.
What you don’t get
The transformational magic is in the sacred union of this program I’ve poured my soul into, and your commitment to do the work on the program.
What you do get
This program gives you access to what I learnt from 3 coaches over many years, in one program over 10 weeks.
Specifically, you learn how to do the three things the high-impact coach must do.
1. Creating incredible clients
* When I learnt how to do this, the very next week, I went from 20% to 60% of conversations resulting in clients. That’s 3x the amount of clients. How would your world change with 3x the number of clients wanting to work with you?
2. Create incredible client-results
* Every coaching call we celebrate the results of the massive action they took last week. I never enjoyed “holding people to account.”
My bet is neither do you? Using these tools, you’ll never have to. Your clients will hold themselves to account.
3. Create clients who create more incredible clients for you
* The first time I used this, I got 5 referrals after less an “ask” that took less than one minute.
Positive Influence is your bridge from hobby-coach to great coach.
By not learning this skill you are actually cheating your would-be clients. Just like I was. Because people who could have transformed their lives walk away and fail to transform.
By learning positive influence you will realize your destiny not only as a great coach, but as a great leader: one who creates other leaders.
I see a future where you and I celebrate your vision realized, and look back at today’s decision to learn positive influence as the moment that made it so.
Now it’s your turn to take that decisive action.

Become that high-impact coach by learning positive and change the world through your client’s results.

How it works

You’ll get access to the 10-week online program + a special group to support you

  • 10x weekly videos with practical actions at the end of each
  • Specialist training videos for the coach (the stuff no certified course teaches you, which took 3 coaches over 10 years to discover)
  • A special online support group of your peers to give you support and inspiration and keep you accountable
  • Some other things I’m keeping secret for now

About the Creator

Daniel Batten is a coach of coaches of coaches.
He’s helped multiple coaches go from zero income to multiple six-figure incomes within just 18 months. But more importantly, these coaches he’s helped are now happy, fulfilled, using authentic value-aligned messages and techniques to grow their level of impact on the world and people’s lives. And, they are having fun and only doing what they love along the way. Now for the first time, these same methods are available to you.

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