How to change the world with one pitch


Every meaningful conversation is a pitch. You are always influencing someone, making an impression, advancing a cause – or not. What you are reading is a pitch. If you pitch well, your life will be filled with wins. But if you don’t, your life will be filled with stalemates. This book is for the entrepreneur or visionary leader who seeks to change the world by winning investment, grants, customers, hearts and minds, or by advancing a cause. This book is also for you if you want to change your world by having people ‘get’ you on topics you care about or by securing a promotion, pay rise or job. Having coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals, I’ve seen those who applied the four-step pitching system in this book consistently achieve all their goals in their business, career, cause or passion project. If you are a good person intending to do great things in the world, this book is for you.


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    Daniel generously and articulately shares all the wisdom he’s accumulated though his professional career as an entrepreneur, and leadership coach, in such a simple and elegant way. You can’t fail to ‘get it’, apply it, and remember it. All I can say is that it is having a profound influence and impact on all my presentations, conversations and communication as I do my work to support organisations transforming to more sustainable ways of operating to create more long-term value. Read it. You’ll thank yourself many times over.

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